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Name:Morgan Fey
Birthdate:Jan 7, 1968
Location:Los Angeles, California, United States of America
This is an RP account for the character of Morgan Fey as seen in Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations AND Ace Attorney: Justice For All. Of course, I am NOT anyone related at all to the game creators at Capcom, and thus: I hold no rights or anything to do with this beautiful (old) lady! ;) And of course, I would appreciate if Capcom and all related affiliates did not sue me, seeing as i have no money, nor am I making any money off my representation of this woman.

TL:DR version of this disclaimer: Please don't sue me, Capcom; you can keep Madam Fey's particular brand of crazy; k thx bai! ;)

Interests (13):

baking delicious strawberry desserts, being a classy lady, buddhist chants, channelling spirits, classical music, eating strawberry desserts, magical chants, my beloved pearl, my child pearl, reading, scrolls on the subject of channelling spirits, supernatural chants, tv is vulgar and stupid!
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